Punk Rope

Punk Rope is a mash-up of rope jumping, creative conditioning drills, and raise-the-roof music
for all ages and fitness levels. No rope jumping skill is necessary. While Punk Rope will make
you feel like a kid again, its definitely not child’s play. The class will challenge your stamina,
strength, speed, power, agility, and coordination.

This class is not solely jumping rope. It will also incorporate body-weight exercises and fun games. This is a workout that brings the whole room together. You may leave the class saying:

“That was ridiculously fun.”
“What an awesome workout!”
“The playlist was killer.”
“I feel like a kid again!”

Still not sure what Punk Rope is?  Check out this promo video for a quick version of our class or see a full class in action here.

Due to safety and music selection, this class is currently only offered for ages 12+ based on maturity level.

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